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The Allenby Parents’ Association (APA) meetings are held every other month on Wednesday evenings in the library from 7-9 pm.

Meeting Dates

September 25, 2019

November 27, 2019

January 29, 2020


We encourage all parents to attend APA meetings. Childcare is provided and is typically run by Allenby Daycare Staff. While parents are meeting in the library, children are in the lunchroom and will have the opportunity to play games, colour or work on their homework.  The babysitting program is designed for children ages 3+. Please RSVP for childcare on the Monday prior to the meeting to ensure that space is available using this form.


The APA budget is developed in May, presented in June and the final version is passed (through vote) in September of the following school year. From time to time, motions for additional spending are presented at meetings throughout the school year.

Spending motions that are less than $5,000 will be announced in the newsletter the week before upcoming meeting, communicated to parents through APA Reps, placed on the APA meeting agenda, tabled at the meeting and then voted on at that same meeting.

Spending motions that are greater than $5,000 are placed on the APA agenda, tabled at the meeting, placed on the agenda for the next meeting and then voted on at that meeting.

Meeting Notes

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