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Dressing for the Weather

This year of all years, outdoor time is precious. It is a time to get out of the classroom and building, have a mask break, move around, and maybe feel a little normal again. We have been very lucky with the weather so far this year. There have been only a few rain days but […]

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Last Math Challenge of the Year

This week’s Math challenge is a Scavenger Hunt. Take pictures while completing the challenge and post your answers and/or pics @AllenbyPS_TDSB How high can you jump? What is an object in your backyard, park, schoolyard that is one metre long? How many prime numbers come before 100? How many jumping jacks can you do in […]

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Congratulations Graduates!

It’s finally here! The end of the 2019/2020 school year. This means that many of our students and families will be leaving us and continuing on to different schools and new adventures. Graduation is a big event at Allenby as we show our pride and joy to the leaving class. This year, we’ve tried to […]

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Math Challenge

A Magic Math Trick Pick a whole number between 1 and 10. Add 2. Multiple by 2. Subtract 2 Divide by 2. Subtract your original number. *I bet your final answer will be 1* Remember to tweet out your solutions @AllenbyPS_TDSB 

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How many chocolate chips did it take to make a dozen cookies? Remember to tweet out your solutions @AllenbyPS_TDSB 

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