Congratulations Graduates!

It’s finally here! The end of the 2019/2020 school year. This means that many of our students and families will be leaving us and continuing on to different schools and new adventures. Graduation is a big event at Allenby as we show our pride and joy to the leaving class.

This year, we’ve tried to make Grade 6 Graduation as special as we can given physical distancing rules and guidelines. A lot of the traditional graduation celebrations have been postponed to the fall, but the Graduation Committee has still found a few unique ways to recognize our graduates.

We’d like to thank our community partner who has helped to make a Covid Graduation special for our graduates. Raquel and Alan Feldberg (Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Central), who live and work in the Allenby area have organzied a fundraiser to spread joy and celebrate grads with their custom Class of 2020 lawn signs, with all proceeds going to front-line health-care workers and their patients at Mount Sinai Hospital/Sinai Health. Next week, each of our graduates will recieve one of these lawn signs – a memento of a unique graduation. Raquel and Alan have provided the signs at a very large discount to the APA while still contributing a portion of the cost to Mount Sinai. Look for the signs in the neighbourhood next week and be proud of the Allenby Graduating Class of 2019/2020!

On behalf of the APA, CONGRATULATIONS and BRAVO to our 2019/2020 graduates and best of luck on your new adventures!