Volunteering at Ecole Allenby Junior PS

Dear Parents/Guardians:

École Allenby Public School values the tremendous contributions of our parent and community volunteers who give their time and effort to support many school initiatives. We have many volunteer opportunities at our school (e.g., Reading Angels/Anges de lecture) and are always open to new opportunities to utilize volunteer skills, knowledge and expertise to support student learning. In order to promote and support volunteerism at our school, while protecting the safety of students, we follow these steps for those who are regular, scheduled volunteers  in the school (e.g., volunteering on a regular basis – means more than one field trip, class visit or event per school year):

Becoming a Volunteer

  1. Complete the Police Reference Check/Consent to Disclosure (PRC) form available from the Allenby Office (must be printed on legal paper). This is submitted to the school along with a certified cheque or money order for $20 payable to Toronto Police Services. TPS will mail the completed PRC to the volunteer’s home address indicated on the form. Here is a link to the Consent to Disclosure form: Toronto Police Services/TDSB Consent to Disclosure Form
  2. Deliver the original PRC document to the school and the school will send it to the TDSB PRC Office on the volunteer’s behalf. To expedite this process, you may deliver your original PRC in person to the TDSB PRC office at the Fairmeadow Education Centre,17 Fairmeadow Ave., Room 107, Toronto, M2P 1W6. The TDSB PRC will update our school database of approved volunteers accordingly.
  3. Volunteers should not go directly to Toronto Police Services. TPS accepts Consent to Disclosure forms only if submitted through the TDSB PRC Office with payment as outlined.
  4. Once you have delivered your PRC to the school/TDSB PRC Office, complete the Application to Volunteer at Allenby Jr PS and submit it to the school office.  For specific volunteer programs such as Reading Angels, we also provide orientation meetings.

Returning Volunteers

All volunteers interested in volunteering from one year to the next, and who have a current police record check confirmation on file with Allenby, must also make a yearly offence declaration in order to renew active volunteering status in our school.

Please complete the Annual Offence Declaration for Returning Volunteers for Allenby if you have already submitted a confirmation of a criminal background check to Allenby Main Office and you wish to renew regular volunteer status for this school year. Our volunteer list will be updated yearly according to this information and volunteers will be notified by the school once the list has been updated.

Additional Information About Volunteering at Allenby

  • Volunteers please pick up an identification badge at the school office and sign in for every day you volunteer. The badge helps to identify you to staff and students. The badge can be dropped off as you sign out when leaving school.
  • In consultation, we will develop a schedule for volunteering. Please limit your visits to the school to the classrooms and times outlined. Should you not be able to attend on a given day, please notify the appropriate person at school as soon as possible. If need be, call the school office at 416-393-9115 and leave a message.
  • Volunteers respect the confidentiality of all information that may be received regarding any pupils.
  • Volunteers share with the principal or vice-principal any concerns brought forward by a child about their own safety. One may not feel comfortable about reporting suspicions that a child is, or maybe in need of protection, but it is a legal obligation of every Ontario resident to report these suspicions to a Children’s Aid Society (CAS).

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Zamin, Vice-Principal.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and collaboration!

Deborah Zamin