Back to School: To Do Checklist

September 2019

The Allenby Parents’ Association (APA) welcomes you to the 2019/2020 school year and to our community!

Please take a few minutes to go through the following information and list of must-do’s.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lisa Parker.

1.  Opt-in for the APA Newsletter (before September 14th) 

All parents must opt-in, regardless of whether you are receiving the newsletter already.  We are cleaning-up our database and opt-ins from previous years will no longer be valid.  You can opt-in when completing the Family Directory Form by clicking on the button below.  The newsletter provides a weekly update about Allenby events and happenings from the school administration and the APA.

2.  Register for the Family Directory and Class Lists

Class Lists provide contact information for your child’s classmates.  Family Directory provides contact information for the school community and keeps us all connected.

Family Directory & Class List Registration

3.  Register for Pizza Lunch (before September 14th)

Pricing* and Choice

Students will have the option to choose EITHER Cheese OR Pepperoni – not both. It is the same price for Cheese or Pepperoni, and baby carrots will be offered as a healthy treat option to all students.

1 Slice   = $22 for the entire year

2 Slices = $42 for the entire year

3 Slices = $62 for the entire year

*Pricing will include a $10 administration surcharge after the registration deadline of September 14th.

Pizza Lunch Registration

A Note for Junior/Senior Kindergarten Parents

In previous years we have found that by January many of the children request more pizza slices than originally ordered. Please keep this in mind when deciding how many slices to order.

The Honour System

Please keep a record of your order. We rely on an “honour” system to distribute the correct number of slices to each child.

Kids Helping Kids

To promote “kids helping kids,” we welcome student volunteers from grades 5 and 6. A sign-up sheet for student volunteers will be outside the office during the first few weeks of school. Student volunteers will be selected based on the order of the signup sheet. We make every effort to ensure that all students who sign up have an opportunity to volunteer at least once during the school year.

The Fine Print

We hope you understand that we are unable to accommodate:

  • Individual Make-up Lunches
  • Refunds

A gentle reminder, student participation is for the entire school year. If a class field trip or school sporting event coincides with a Pizza Lunch date, we will gladly cooperate with parent volunteers from the affected class(es) to coordinate an alternate Pizza Lunch.


Please feel free to contact our Pizza Lunch Coordinators Heather Hough, Liz Berholz and Diana Bold

4.  Support the APA “Make an Impact” Donation Drive

MAKE AN IMPACT Annual Donation Campaign

How will you Make an Impact in 2019/2020?

Help us raise $10,000 to support the APA’s 2019/2020 operating budget

The Allenby Parents’ Association is a community of volunteers that coordinates a large variety of programs, initiatives and fundraisers that benefit the students and families of Allenby.  The goal of the Allenby Parents’ Association is to enrich the learning environment for all students at Allenby.  The APA has shown great success in achieving this goal throughout the years by co-funding the SMARTBoard Initiative, Schoolyard Enhancement Project and the STEM Innovation Lab Start Up (to name a few). These amazing initiatives wouldn’t happen without the community’s support!

This year, the APA expects to spend over $100,000 on our children, $125 per student!

We are asking for a voluntary cash donation to the APA of $50 per child. Donations of ANY amount are greatly appreciated and are eligible for income tax receipts. No child at Allenby will be denied access to APA funded services or programs.

Make an Impact!  Donate Now

5.  Become an APA Class Representative (register before September 14th)

Class Representatives provide a connection between the APA and the parent community.  These volunteers are often called upon to help with classroom party planning and volunteer organization.

Class Rep Role:

  • Class Reps will be chosen by teachers and teachers may chose up to two parents to share the role.
  • Teachers will submit the names of their Class Rep to the office and the APA Class Rep Coordinator.
  • Parents may only be a Class Rep for one classroom.
  • Class Reps are responsible for attending APA meetings, organizing contributions to various APA initiatives, communicating on behalf of the APA and other duties as requested by the teacher (g. coordinate classroom volunteers, help with Scholastic and plan class parties).
  • Class Reps are asked not to communicate information regarding the instructional program on behalf of teachers.

APA Class Representative Registration

6.  After 4 Fall Preview (registration begins on Amilia September 23rd)

After 4 Programs offer our students a variety of programs in their own community.  Programs run from 3:45 to 4:45 and are accessible for students in SK to Grade 6.  Click here for a preview of the fall line up.

7.  Register for Rose Reisman Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch will start on Monday September 16th and runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (except for Pizza Lunch – the last Friday of each month).  Go to to register.  Enter “Allenby” as the school password.  Ordering opens at the end of August.

8.  Additional Information & Questions

Follow these links for additional information on:

Please contact Lisa Parker with any questions.

We wish everyone the best for the upcoming year!


The APA Team