Allenby Athletic Schedule

We hope you had an amazingly active and adventure-filled summer break. We look forward to a busy year filled with athletic events, house league activities and school-wide initiatives all aimed at keeping Allenby students active and further developing their Physical Literacy. A weekly schedule of activities will be included in the Weekly APA newsletter and students can check the Athletics Board on the wall outside the gym. Please help your child to be successful in gym class by ensuring that they have appropriate footwear. Students without running shoes or proper footwear will not be allowed to participate in gym class due to safety guidelines. 

Fall Sports
Students in Grades 1-6 have the opportunity to participate in one or more sports that are running in the Fall. The Fall season begins the second week of September and usually concludes by the last week of October. Below is some information about each team. In addition to these teams, there will also be a number of House League opportunities for students in Grade1-6. These are held during lunch and recess breaks and only involve Allenby students.

Allenby Cross Country Team
This team is open to any boys or girls in Grades 1 through 6. Students will be required to attend weekly practices regularly and if they are able to run a specific distance based on their grade they can qualify to attend one or more cross country meet held at Earl Bales Park at the end of September. More information to come shortly.

Boys and Girls Touch Football and Soccer for students in Grades 4-6
Any boys or girls in Grades 4,5, or 6 can try-out for one of two Touch Football and or Soccer teams. Students will have to come to weekly practices and learn different aspects of the sport during the month of September. In early October some students will be given the opportunity to attend a one-day tournament and play against other schools in TDSB. More information about these sports will be included in Athletic announcements or posted on the Athletics board.

House Leagues
Students in Grades 1-6 will have a number of different opportunities to join different games and activities during the instructional day. Typically they are held during recess and lunch breaks. All students are encouraged to join to be active, play with other students their age and to develop physical literacy skills. House leagues change throughout the year and students can attend when they choose to.

If you have any questions feel free to email Mark Barta or Rachel Kanarek.

Athletics Schedule September 9-13

7:45 Boys Football Gr 4-6

8:00 Cross Country at Eglinton Park Gr 4-6. (meet Mr. Barta on the North Diamond)
8:15 Cross Country Gr 1-3 at Allenby

7:45 Girls Soccer Gr 4-6

8:00 Cross Country at Eglinton Park Gr 4-6. (meet Mr. Barta on the North Diamond)
8:15 Cross Country Gr 1-3 at Allenby

7:45 Girls Football Gr 4-6