Math Challengers on the Rise!

This past month’s Math Challenge “How Many Triangles? / Combien de triangles?” was truly inspirational. Our students, as with every month, from JK to Grade 6, tackled this challenge and used clever reasoning skills to arrive at their answer and share them visually and in writing in both French and English.

January 2020 Math Challenge – can you find them all (there is a twist)?:

This past month, our classes put their own spin on the Allenby Monthly Math Challenge and began generating their very own original math challenges and sharing them by posting on their class Twitter account and on display boards in the school (see “Combien de cercles comptez-vous?” below).

A new tradition begins: students will lead some of the monthly math challenges at Allenby!

A class of junior students has taken up the challenge of generating next month’s school-wide math challenge in French and English and they will be sharing it with our entire school via our shared school resources in February.

Seeing learners take things a step beyond to new heights, making something wholly new that wasn’t there before –becoming content creators, authors, artists and publishers of their own original ideas – is truly remarkable to behold! I can’t wait to see what they will design.

Indeed, students showing leadership and initiative happens every day in our school—in both academics and in the many gestures of kindness and courtesy extended to others, like the boot line below tidied by one class for another class. It is a powerful combination which fills us all with pride.

Thank you to the Allenby community of students, staff, parents, caregivers and partners. It has been an honour to travel with you as part of the Allenby admin team on this leg of the journey of supporting children to thrive these past 2.5 years.

Best wishes to all of you.

Keep soaring Allenby scholars!

Deborah Zamin